Superfoods for Kidz Recipes!

28 May


These are my go-to fail safe products for my kids at the moment, they even have their own special door shelf in our pantry (the products, not the kids) ūüėČ

They are at fussy ages with their food (14 months and nearly 2 and a half) and we are still experimenting with all types of foods and dishes but when I really want to get nutrition into them without the fuss and effort, I am so glad I have these.

They are also gluten, dairy and soy free and they don’t contain any nasties, no refined sugars etc. and are filled with super foods as well as nutrients from fruit and vegetable powders so that makes me very happy!

I use the Veggie powder, Berry Choc Chunk and the Berry Choc chunk bars daily and the C Berry Blast whenever I think the time calls for it and since doing so, have noticed better immunity in my kids as they have only had the mild sniffles (for 2 days) in the last 3 months which is the exact time we have been using Superfoods For Kidz in their diet and that is pretty amazing for kids this age that pick up everything as their immune system is still developing.

I also think that having them on a probiotic powder or lots of kefir and yoghurt (fermented foods that they will actually eat) is very important too and wards off a lot of gastro bugs that do the rounds at this age!

I have shared what i do with these products on my wall but never blogged them so thought I would just pop them all in a blog for you to have in one spot.

Using The Veggie Powder



This was so easy! You can use any pastry, puff or filo, I made a Gluten Free one for my kids and added chia seeds which will be a blog of it’s own when I get that done!

But I basically, the night after a roast dinner, I just put left over roast lamb (of course you can use any meat) and leftover roast veg (pumpkin, carrot, potato) and added baby spinach leaves and 2 Tblspns of the Veggie powder with 2 tblspns of tomato paste into the food processor and whizzed it up! Into the pastry it goes and voila! Yummy and healthy pasties!

I just had them in the oven at 180 degrees for about a half hour but it will depend on what type of pastry you use! the filling is already cooked so just bake until pastry is nice and brown, I use a beaten egg as a glaze on the pastry but if you have egg allergies, you can use coconut oil


Pasta in Broth

If you want a really easy, healthy and yummy dinner for fussy toddlers, All you need is some bone broth (I made this one from a free range chicken carcass, veg and bay leaves a while ago and had it frozen) a saucepan, some pasta (I used GF rice and corn spirals by¬†Orgran Natural Foods), some butter and for even more nutrients and yummy taste –¬†Superfoods for Kidz¬†Veggie powder. So quick, delicious and loved by a 1 and 2 year old and it has immune boosting properties, good fats and gut health ingredients. What’s not to love? Have a try!


Easy Lunch or Dinners

Ok, so what do your kids have on a sandwich for lunch? A spread like jam or processed honey? Spreads are generally devoid of any nutrition and they are quite high in salt and sugar. Why not try this idea instead? 

Use some leftover roast chook or even buy a roasted free range Lilydale one (available at most supermarkets) and cut up finely. 
Toss it in a glass container mixed with a good quality whole egg mayo (will last you 4-5 days in the fridge) and add some Superfoods for Kidz veggie powder (as much as you want, I go by taste). 
Spread wraps or sandwiches with avocado and then use chicken mix as a topping! So easy and healthy for little ones who aren’t into the proper meat and salad fillings yet..

My two are still at home so I just use on corn thins or other GF crackers, sometimes we have toasted sandwiches with this filling with our GF bread. If you have the chicken all ready to go, it takes as much time as using a spread!

I also use tuna and mayo with the veggie powder for toasted sandwiches for dinner some nights with avo and cheese!

It’s going to add protein, vitamins, minerals and good fats, all will keep your child well nourished.

Using The Berry Choc Chunk


Breakfast smoothie – frozen banana for energy, potassium and tryptophan, handful of baby spinach for chloropyll, iron and vit C, a generous dollop of kefir yoghurt (you can use coconut or a natural or Greek yoghurt here) for probiotics, 1 tblspn of chia seeds for omega 3’s, calcium, protein and fibre, 1 tblspn of raw honey for anti-microbial and immune boosting activity, 1 tblspn¬†Superfoods for Kidz¬†berry choc chunk for antioxidants and yummy taste and enough almond milk to whizz it all up! Delish and the leftovers made ‘choc paddle pops’ for the kids! No flies on this¬†one!


This one is the same as above but with coconut milk instead of almond milk and a punnet of blueberries for extra Vitamin C – just another taste and again makes great ‘paddle pops’ as well as a breakfast smoothie!


These extremely healthy chocolate cupcakes are inspired by a Superfoods for Kidz recipe  

250g Sunflower Seeds (or almond meal)
100gr of cacao powder
2 Tablespoons Superfoods for Kidz Berry Choc Chunk
2 Tablespoons of Honey or Maple Syrup
1 1/4 Cup Medjool Dates
1 and a half cups of Coconut Oil, melted
150g Coconut Cream
3/4 Cup Water
3 Tbs Chia Seeds

*make sure you soak the sunflower seeds for a few hours or overnight before using (better digested that way)

Method :
Chuck it all in a food processor!

Cook in patty cakes for approx 20 minutes in an oven at about 180 degrees

The great thing about recipes like this is that they can be played around with a bit! Use what you have!


My daughter seems to love the 2-tone effect with this recipe we have the tips of the ice-block made with natural yoghurt with a bit of raw honey mixed in and then topped up with some rice milk mixed with Superfoods for Kidz Berry Choc Chunk Рhow easy is that???

Using C Berry Blast


This powder is delicious just mixed into coconut water or normal water (please don’t use fruit juice unless you have cold pressed them at home yourself otherwise it’s just like using soft drink!!) and my kids love my version of a tropical Frosty Fruit!¬†

2 cups of coconut water
2 tblspns of coconut oil
2 tblspns of Superfoods for Kidz C Berry Blast

Makes 6 ice-blocks! For immune boosting for the coming winter! In one ice-block, they receive loads of pottassium and lauric acid from the coconut water, antimicrobial and antifungal properties and important fatty acids from the coconut oil and an absolute tonne of immune boosting nutrients from the C Berry blast.

Great for rehydrating after a gastro bug!

There are so many other ways you can use all these powders and the bars are to die for (I have run out!!) as I always have them in my bag for emergency snacks or for when the kids are at the gym creche etc. ¬†One small bar keeps them going for hours and it’s not messy!! I love them!

I became such a fan of these products that I have become an affiliate with this company so if you want to purchase any of these items, just click on the Superfoods pictures in the right hand side of this page!

I made all these recipes up before I became an affiliate and I want you to know that I have been advising all my likers to get into these products well before I became associated with them!

They are seriously good and they supplement our children using FOOD and not synthetic tablets! LOVE!

Your in Health,

Alisha x


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